Your February Horoscope


The passionate duo Mars and Venus are lodged in your sign for most of the Valentine’s month. As if that were not enough, they join the unpredictable Uranus there and even receive an aspect from retrograde Jupiter! Expect passion and action to roll out in the most unpredictable and uncontrolled manner. The intense Mars also energizes you to achieve power and perks, but you need to be prudent when it comes to spending. Also, you must make sure to get adequate rest and channelize the extra energy through healthy outlets such as working out.


You have a solar eclipse planted right in your house of career, which could changes in your profession. Given the general planetary configurations, this may well be for the better, provided you are meticulous with the homework. Jupiter may just bring a new love into your life in February. You are supercharged with energy and optimism, but a word of caution is due as the general mood can push you into some reckless act. 


Venus, the lord your career house is under a host of influences in February, including that of competitive Mars. Expect challenges, confrontations and unexpected turns. Thankfully there are factors that benefit work, so you will achieve positive outcomes after all the stress. Love and romance go well and you will shower attention on your significant other. Make time for some yoga and breathing exercises- you are in much need of calming down this month.


Mars and Venus along with Uranus are in your house of couples for most of February. And then there’s Sun and Mercury in your house of romance and eroticism. All of this means that you will have an insanely intense period in terms of relationships and courtships. Expect changes in your professional domain. People play an important role in whatever you do. Communications and intellectual activity bring you much satisfaction.


February is a month filled with action and adventure for Sagittarians. You are unusually creative and expressive too. Money comes easily but is hard to hold on to. A wild, carefree, and even reckless mood dominates you when it comes to love and relationships. You experience a surge of energy and are in better health compared to the past few months. Avoid activities that come with the risk of accidents.


You can expect major events in your love life. You may meet a new love, or an existing one may move to the next level of commitment and mutual happiness. You have vitality, charm and persuasiveness, all of which help in matters related to your profession. Studies and communications go well too. All this excitement and activity bring pressure on your nervous system. Take up chanting or play soothing music to counter the effects.


Sun and later Mercury in your career house receive excellent support from Jupiter. This means you have a great month professionally, although it brings its share of tense moments. Many of you would feel discontented with your love lives, and may even be tempted to move out.  The stress could lead to medical issues. See the doctor early on, as you are in a generally vulnerable state.


February is a busy, productive month for you Cancer people. Partnerships go well. There are equal chances that you get to work with a special person, or that someone who genuinely cares for you offers to take up some of your work. Things are quiet and low-key on the relationship front. Find time to rest and relax as the hectic pace at work can put you at risk of catching infections.


Virgo’s lord Mercury joins Sun in your house of work, helping you with diligence and focus. Needless to say, this helps you achieve a lot in your profession. Your business instincts are sharper than usual and you are quite willing to take risks. The solar eclipse in your house of couples brings some turbulence and confusion. You seek solitude and turn your attention to mysteries and esoteric subjects. This is a favorable time to seek treatment for any existing health concerns.


With three planets occupying your house of work, the focus in February is invariably on work related responsibilities. There are unexpected events, emergencies and even conflicts, bringing constant stress. Thankfully you will be able to manage everything efficiently and even realize high earnings. You wish for some relaxation and fun, but most of you have to wait till next month for that to materialize. Consider making some lifestyle changes that can help you cope with all the pressure.


Your relationships are under the influence of a lunar eclipse. This is likely to affect established relationships as your home is also under the influence of Mars. Expect anything from heated arguments, nosy relatives, or a general atmosphere of disquiet, depending on your individual horoscope. Career and finances are under generally favorable influences, but success comes after some struggle. Health is better than in last month, but you must watch out for stress-related problems. 


For once, practical matters take up your attention thanks to the planetary focus in your financial houses. You will consolidate your resources and pursue money with single-minded devotion. Relationships take a backseat, part due to the shifted focus and part due to a need to withdraw and reevaluate your emotions and feelings. This will be more like a phase of hibernation though. This is a low energy phase- use it prudently to evaluate your weak spots and make lifestyle changes.