Your March Horoscope



March witnesses heavy activity as sign lord Mars and your planet of partnerships Venus continue in Aries. Travel, the internet, long distance contracts, and cultural activity keep you busy. Success and money come easy. Relationships are in focus thanks to the influence of Mars and Venus. However, old issues may cause trouble as Venus goes retrograde on 4th. Health is a matter of concern especially in the first half. Try to fit in some meditation to your daily routine.



Gemini people can look forward to happy tidings throughout March. Sun and Mercury move in favourable houses, bringing you success, popularity and luck. Collaborative projects go exceptionally well. Relationships blossom too. There is greater depth and affection in your bonding. Some of you will even decide to tie the knot. Consider a bike or hiking trip to use all that surplus energy prudently.



Travel, cultural activity and communications form an exciting backdrop to interactions with your SO. A trip may come up or a long distance relationship may bloom. In your profession, you may need to undertake research projects or a course to upgrade your skills. Investments and joint efforts are the primary source of money now. Your ruler Sun is in an adverse angle with his natural enemy Saturn who is also the ruler of your house of illness. This means that many Leos will experience health concerns now. Try to pick up something to read- it suits your present mood and will also soothe your nerves.



Venus your ruling planet is running retrograde in your house of couples. There is much emphasis on relationships. There may be an attempt to revive an old relationship, or perhaps you spend time assessing your present one. You shine at the workplace, being presented opportunities to showcase your knowledge and skills. You are prone to suffer from stress related ailments in March. Carve out time alone away from too many activities.



Relationships past and present, and experiences related to them, keep your mind occupied. This is a time of soul-searching and, if I may add, some confusion as to what you really want. You also communicate oftener with seniors in the family or at your workplace, and generally probe into your roots. Activity related to agriculture, real estate and construction go exceptionally well. March is also a good time for bold moves to change your lifestyle.



You are in a lucky phase career-wise as your ruler Saturn forms a cordial relation with Jupiter. Old workmates and friends provide useful links and information. There is a good inflow of cash.  Communications and travel somehow determine the tempo of your love life now. You feel the need to introspect and assess certain aspects of your relationship. Join a course or pick up a book as the time is ideal for intellectual activity.


You may experience some setbacks and obstacles in your love life. Not everything is above board now. You are better off professionally thanks to the presence of Jupiter in your house of work. Investments and material gain draw your attention. This phase is more suitable for unrushed, systematic work. You will need to take special care of your health- make sure to get plenty of rest and good nutrition.



You have a productive phase ahead in terms of profession and work. On the one hand Mars in your career house initiates bold, decisive moves while on the other Saturn in your house of work helps you consolidate your position. Things are not so clear when it comes to relationships. Some of you will be drawn to someone at the workplace, leading to a rather uncomfortable situation. Beware of stress related ailments. Try something creative to beat the stress.



You are in luck in terms of money and investments. However, Jupiter pitted against retrograde Venus makes you prone to excesses. This is one pitfall you must avoid in March. Love life goes smoothly and the two of you become closer than ever, willing to share the darkest of your desires and fears. . You are drawn to psychology and esoteric knowledge. Make sure to get your share of sunshine and positivity to balance all that analytical stuff.



The first fortnight is a wonderful time for doing something creative at the workplace. Sun and Venus let you make great progress doing what you love. The air is charged with romance and slow sensuality. After March 10th, the mood changes to one of assertiveness and action. Any chronic condition you may have can pose a health threat now, so watch out on that count.



March is a peaceful time for those who are in committed relationships. However, if you are unsettled, retrograde Venus may persuade you to reconnect with someone from the past. Large scale projects attract you, but in all probability you will continue where you are at least until end of the month. Properties, inheritances and matters related to home draw your attention. It is an uneventful month in terms of health. Review your nutrition and consider a supplement as your immunity is somewhat vulnerable now.



The Sun in your house brings you attention, power and success. Heavy planetary activity in your house of money indicates big earnings and equally huge spending. Romance and joint activities are in focus in the first half of the month. However your attention turns to more pragmatic concerns in the second half. You will also take greater interest in making changes that improve your vitality and health.