Your April Horoscope


The presence of Sun in your house brings you visibility, power and respect. Mars is in your house of money, forming a trine with the intense Pluto. You will show great determination and make a lot of money.  In the realm of relationships, you will make grand gestures and have high expectations from your loved one too. Not everything will go as desired as Venus is in a somewhat unfavorable house for Aries. Excesses and accompanying stress are a common theme this month. Set aside some alone time to relax, detach and introspect.



You will get opportunities to use your creativity. Teamwork goes well and is in fact essential to your success in April.  An interesting trend of this month is that, for many of you, professional decisions will be influenced by your love life or vice versa. Frustrations and arguments with your SO are likely, but your foundations will stay unshaken. Your ruler Mercury is retrograde for a good part of the month, and also joined by Mars in an unfavorable month.  The combination points to a negative outlook and lower immunity. Eat nutritious light food and get some early morning sun to combat the untimely blues.



Mars in your house of career helps you with determination and drive. However, two planets that have direct impact on your work and career right now are retrograde, leading to delays and disappointments. Not everything goes to your liking in your love life too, but things are still stable and harmonious.  You have a great deal of energy and vitality in April, but worries and a certain degree of diffidence may trouble you. Try some kind of uncluttering- could be your cupboards, the computer or the workstation. It will have a therapeutic effect on your hyperactive mind.



You will have a lot of responsibilities and obligations to fulfill this month. Money matters are in focus. Beware of errors and omissions as you aren’t functioning optimally now owing to the retrograde movement of your ruler Venus. Your love life goes through something of a difficult phase in the first half of the month, but things improve quickly as Mars, your couples’ planet moves into a favorable house. Pay special attention to health matters.



April will be a month full of responsibilities and annoying circumstances for Sagittarius. Venus and Mercury, related to your work and career respectively, are both retrograde. You will face setbacks, miscommunications and delays caused by faulty equipment. In the domain of relationships, the Sun promises a passionate time, but responsibilities and restrictions weigh down heavily on you. Take heart, as things are bound to improve by May.  Take time out to resolve any treatment or procedure that you may have started and left off.



Things you plan with your SO may not go as planned, but open communications can bring positive results. Matters to do with home and family demand your attention. Strangely enough, financial decisions have something to do with beauty, luxury and comforts. You may want to renovate your home, buy a holiday home or buy art for your living space. You experience good health and are in a positive frame of mind.


Mars fires up your love life with passion, initiative, pursuit and even some display of temper. Your ruling planet Venus and lord of your house of love and eroticism Mercury are retrograde for a good part of the month, so complications are very likely.  You will be able to assert yourself at the workplace while maintaining popularity. You are prone to stress and accidents caused by carelessness and the inability to coordinate your movements. Keep the channels of communication clear and open.



It is paramount to you now that your partner shares your responsibilities as well as values and interests. Some of you will veer towards a long distance relationship; others will want to go on a tour of some distant place.  The Sun brings you power and recognition. Research projects, higher studies and cultural activities attract you now. All this could make you appear too serious so try to sprinkle some spontaneity and humor in your interactions with your loved ones.



Retrograde Venus in your house of couples indicates complications and delays. Some old issues may be revived, but you will also experience a sense of intensity or reconcile with your partner if disagreements were going on. Investments, business deals and banks will draw your attention.  You will also gravitate towards work requiring depth of thought such as research and intellectual pursuits.  Health and morale aren’t optimal. Consider some yoga or tai chi to improve your sense of well being.



Mars in your house of couples makes you impulsive, assertive and even aggressive. You are indeed in a sensual mood, but complicated or unexpected situations are also indicated. You will experience a sense of freedom and will want to introduce changes in your work environment and the way you work. You will have opportunities to enter contracts and collaborations, but competition and rivalries are just as likely. This is a good month to rectify any health issues.



You are full of passion and romantic feelings in April. There is also scope for a lot of those sweet nothings: love messages, candle light dinners and couple trips. However retrograde Venus can throw in some unexpected twists here and there. Money matters are stable and you continue to experience a generally lucky phase career-wise, aided by Jupiter. Work this month involves communications, quick decisions and high-level skills. April brings no major worries on the health front.



Some major decisions are due in April, as two planets that have a major bearing on your love relationships are retrograde. You will spend considerable time reassessing your priorities and values. This is a good time in terms of money. You are clear about your next stop career wise. You have the strength and positivity to tackle the complex challenges this month delivers.