Your May Horoscope


Matters related to career and business yield exceptional results. Many of you will be given promotions and additional responsibilities. Finances improve, allowing you to pay off debts and consolidate your resources. If you are single, chances are strong that you will meet someone interesting. There are no major worries health-wise; however, you may end up burning the candle at both ends thanks to all the good things happening. Make time to meditate/ introspect around the Full Moon of 10th- this will restore balance in your perspective.



The first half of the month will have you socialize at a frenetic pace, but the trend reverses dramatically after Mercury moves house. You will have an opportunity to prove your calibre and earn a promotion or, in case you have been out of job, land a worthwhile assignment. The New Moon on the 25th will be a good time to go on a date. However, take care to go easy, as the Mars-Saturn opposition can wreak havoc in the relationship sector.



Sun in your house of career brings you success and opportunities for advancement. Mercury’s turning direct eases communications, and in the case of Leo, facilitates all things to do with travel. This is a good time to start a new activity or try out something unusual with your romantic partner. If single, you will meet someone who is genuinely into you. Health and vitality will improve.



You are far more intuitive than usual and tend to pick up all kinds of subconscious flux from those around you. Avoid socialization when you can and use the intuitive power to work on your relationships and everything that matters to you. Full Moon in your earnings sector delivers some major payments. This in turn will help to buy some luxury items that you have long had your eyes on. You will be presented with opportunities to form partnerships with people whose skills and capabilities are far different from yours. You will feel drained and low on energy- make sure to get plenty of time alone.



The first part of the month is a great time to take that much needed vacation. You are very likely to form a romantic or business partnership around the 12th when Mars trines Jupiter, your ruling planet. The emphasis shifts to professional interests in the third decan. Use this time to present your ideas to your seniors or apply for a position that interests you. Stress levels can mount; however you are also going to take care of your fitness and diet. Carve out some time to meditate and take care of your well-being.



Full Moon in your house of career indicates power and recognition. On the other hand, this is not a time for heavy social activity. The second half of May is a favorable period for artists and writers. You will meet someone interesting on the New Moon on 25th. Those already in a relationship might finalize plans for an overseas trip or take up a new activity together. You aren’t in top form in terms of health.


You hog the limelight as the king of the zodiac traverses your sign. Mercury resumes direct motion on the 3rd, facilitating communications and paperwork. The Full Moon in your relationship house brings you closer to your SO. There is also a strong possibility that the two of you will take a life-changing trip together. Moneymaking opportunities come your way towards the end of the month. Curb your ego and utilize the opportunities to forge bonds and learn from those with more experience.



As Mercury turns direct in your career house on the 3rd, you can expect work to pick up pace. You will find it easier to communicate with seniors and partners, and forge new plans. Happy tidings await you and your SO around the 9th and 10th. You may get hitched, add to your family, or embark on a creative project. Use the energy of the third decan of the month to get rid of old patterns and unhealthy behaviors. 



This is a good time to clear up the air with a friend or your SO. In fact, you will be quite comfortable talking about even things that you would normally push under the carpet. The second half of the month, with Sun in your career house, is ideal for presenting your ideas to seniors at work. You could also realize that long cherished dream to resume higher studies or go on an overseas trip. Except for some minor issues here and there, health matters pose no major worries.



 Much of the emphasis this month is on relationships. Some of you will get engaged or tie the knot. For others, a SO will bring about a life-changing experience. The month starts on a discordant note, but things improve by the Full Moon on 10th heralding the second decan. The latter part of the month is conductive to signing financial deals. Pay attention to your diet and habits- this is not an optimal time in terms of health.



If you were caught in the center of a family quarrel lately, chances are that things will be ironed out now. Those looking to move house will find a suitable place. You will enjoy popularity and receive full credit for your contributions to a project. Expressing emotions come easy now, drawing you closer to your romantic partner. As Sun reaches Gemini by the third decan, you will realize higher levels of discipline and efficiency in terms of lifestyle and the living environment.



Income flows in through many channels. You may receive an exciting job offer or be asked to take up some high-paying assignment. Someone close to you may just decide to gift you a generous amount of money. The Full Moon of 10th promises an exciting journey or project. Matters to do with home and family demand your attention too. Some of you will redecorate your home, while others will focus on detoxifying relationships.