Your March Horoscope


You may get some news about your finances this month; this should come as no surprise as you've been working very hard. This month take extra care of yourself as you may find yourself feeling emotionally drained. The month ends with a Full Moon in your partnership sector on March 20. A turning point in either a business or personal relationship is likely, follow your intuition when it comes to the love department.



This month, you'll want to spend lots of money and make a big financial purchase but be wise. You may have a career gathering that could bring promising opportunities. A serious love commitment could get even more serious. Make your health a priority, an unexpected event is on the horizon.



Things will turn a little stale in your career life, focus on the positive aspects, things will get better soon and the tempo will definitely increase. In your love life, your partner loves being in control, but this doesn't mean that you shouldn't challenge the relationship and go the extra mile. You'll want to give your health the special attention that it deserves. You are thriving in the career department, and may have to overcome a slight challenge towards the end of the month.



Last month was a bit of a rollercoaster with your partner, this month everything changes. Self-love, love life and work love. You are being loved all around and appreciated every step of the way. You may face a few challenges in the love department but nothing that laughter can't fix. You will receive exciting news at work, and you should get ready for a high-level career change.



Are you expecting visitors this month? We show that you will receive some important long-awaited visitors. If you feel in the dark in the love department, this won't last, this month is shaping up to be a loving month with some new connections made. Your witty, unconventional approach is especially powerful this month, so be careful how you choose your words. Remember that other people can take care of themselves. You are responsible for your well-being and should not put your health on the back burner.



The walls may seem to be closing in around you, and you're dying to get out for a while. Don't worry, you'll soon have the chance. You're at an artistic peak this month and your creativity prominent more than ever. Go out of your way to create something for yourself and others to enjoy. You don't like to waste your energy on pointless things, and you wait till the right moment arrives before you decide to act, keep on this path.


This month it's time to challenge yourself. What good is it to force yourself to make important decisions when it's obvious to you that you're just not ready? Love is in the air and Mars, Saturn and Neptune are giving you exactly what you need to put your plans into action. Your determination will play a big role in the results. Your career is taking off, and things are looking up financially. Continue on your current path.



This month, don't make any promises that you can't keep, instead of overcommitting, learn how to say no if you have to. You may find certain personalities challenging at work but be patient and try your best to collaborate. You are talented and when you sometimes feel the need to hold back do not be afraid to share your ideas. Focus on your heart, your forever love is right in front of you.



March seems like a frustrating month for you, just remember that you likely have some vacation plans just around the corner. Whether it is being verbalized or not, the confrontations are quite real in both your personal and love life. If you are in a position to hire or fire, you might be thinking of making some staff changes this month, don't make any drastic changes, sit down and identify unique talents already in your circle.



This month will bring you your best health. Someone that you meet could rock your world in the best of ways. Of course, as always be cautious but welcome the opportunity to make new friends. No changes for you are expected career-wise, and a stable environment is expected at work. If you are in a relationship put technology aside and spend more time with your loved ones.



You might have an opportunity to guide someone this month. This could be a friend going through some challenges in their romantic life or in their careers. Your career progress is definitely in the wind! If you've been wanting to create a dream career of your own, you'll probably do so this month. If you've been working hard for a promotion, it's as good as yours. This month, you should be thinking of long-term strategies, especially since you have a fairly broad view of your future goals.



You may find it hard to relate to people this month, and you may not even be sure why this is the perfect time to journal your emotions. You might crave some private time, the perfect time to go on the adventure you have been planning. Like most people whose star sign is Pisces, you are preparing yourself for what the future may bring. You don't display fear or anxiety, because you trust your instinct, and are confident that you handle everything in a very pragmatic way.