Your April Horoscope


You're ready for the next steps, but something is holding you back. You're making significant changes by revamping your life and identity in the direction that you know it's meant to be. Obstacles might come up that test your mettle as you try to forge ahead with whatever new beginning you have in mind. You are powerful, and you inspire everyone in your surroundings. Your relationships are following a purposeful path and should continue to do so until the new moon.



Some unexpected travels are coming your way, get ready for a lifetime adventure. Your wheels are turning and you're being helpful to those around you being known as the problem solver to your group. Send a message to the universe that you are open to helping others and the universe will continue helping you. The keep is to remember to carry your own weight. Nurture your health you want your heart both healthy and happy.



You are authentic to yourself, it's one of your most powerful gifts and could bring you some great opportunities this month. Your love life is flourishing and if you aren't yet married, an engagement could be brewing on the horizon. Put your physical health first and nurture your health, you've been busy in your career and signs show that you will continue to make progress up the corporate latter, nurturing your health is of utmost importance.



Things have stabilized with your partner thanks to your improved communication skills, stay on this path this month in order to avoid another big disagreement. Your efforts at work are being appreciated and an offer or promotion could happen this month. This month it's important to set some emotional boundaries both with your family and at work.



You are more in love than ever and you are feeling so lucky, it's not luck it's because it was meant to be and the stars have aligned. A friend might really need your support this month, remember that a small favor goes a really long way and this month it's your time to lend a helping hand. You'll want to do some work in the self-worth department, you tend to put yourself on the back burner and you should never cancel on yourself, honor the commitments you make to yourself. Work is stable but you feel like it's not challenging you enough, this month voice your desire to take on more responsibilities to your manager.



You're full of drive and want to accomplish more than you can bargain for this month, focus on thing at the time and congratulate yourself on your achievements. Your friends have been noticing that you are not as present, make a little effort to show up and support others as well. Your love life is blooming and you may start some wedding planning preparations this month. An exciting time ahead. You've been worrying too much about what others think of you, remember that other's opinion of yourself isn't the driving force behind your success.


Achieving complete emotional freedom is possible, but it starts with you. You or someone in your close circle will likely make a big change in their careers. Stop looking for something that is already in front of you, this month, you will realize that everything you've always wanted in a partner is already in front of you. There are some big financial gains coming your way either from your career or an unexpected bonus.



If you're single, someone very inspirational and interesting is lurking in your corner, open your heart to the possibilities of what could be. You're ready to make big career changes but someone in your immediate circle isn't on the same page and could be putting up a fight. The key is to remember to follow your passion, it's about you and not pleasing others. There may be some emotional news coming about a family member, be prepared for it.



Last month was overwhelming and this month brings you some calm on the horizon, celebrate yourself and accept that not everything needs to be perfect. A major development in your finances is approaching, welcome it with open arms. In the love department, things could be better but it's all about communication. Communicating with your partner and having an open dialogue during a difficult discussion will help you make a positive shift with your partner. You've been thinking of joining of finding a new hobby and an interesting opportunity will present itself this month.



Continue on your health quest, last month brought you your best health, and you can achieve this on a continuous basis. Many changes are on the horizon for your career and it's going to bring you some well-deserved success. A conflict with a loved one could occur this month on a common disagreement that you frequently have. Your love life could feel a little unstable and this is simply likely due to both your partner and you being busy and overcommitted.



This month, you'll be left taking on more responsibilities than usual, if you feel overwhelmed remember to voice your concern. You will experience exciting career growth and find yourself in some unexpected spotlight. Your friends are noticing your hard work and will want to help you, accept the help. You'll be tempted to follow a friends financial path, remember that someone else's path, may not be the right path for you. You're likely to meet someone who is interested in you, allow your heart to guide you.



Last month you had some difficulty relating to people in your surroundings, some new faces may make it easier for you to fit in, embrace those new connections. A visit to the doctor may bring you some anxiety. You're likely to experience high financial gains this month, your hard work is finally paying off. An unexpected travel opportunity may present itself, a sign that you need a much needed mental break. You've got gorgeous prospects for love and social fun through April 20 thanks to Venus still moving through your sign.