Your May Horoscope


Your love life is blooming this month. If you are already in a relationship, you are feeling loved by your lover. If you are single, you are drawing attention from prospective suitors. Be careful in the career department, be willing to pivot at work. Your habits of not being willing to change some old ways may bring you some difficult situations. Continue nurturing your health as you always have, this month you'll want to pay special attention to new physical symptoms that you may experience.



This month, you'll have the courage to step out of your comfort zone and go after a long-awaited promotion at work. When the opportunity arises, do not let fear cloud your judgment. Pay close attention to your finances this month as you've been spending a little carelessly and should take a step back to ensure that you do not experience any financial burden. The stars are aligned in the health department and you'll be inclined to try a new fitness activity this month.



You're leading by example in your career this month. Whatever challenges that come your way and whatever you understand this month, it all aligns with your determination and drive. All of your hard work leading up to this. All of this new success is being followed by money, a little later this month is when you will start seeing the financial gains of your efforts. Family matters and discussions are a theme this month, be open to hearing what others have to say. If you find yourself not feeling the greatest physically this month, remember that movement and physical activity can go a long way.



Your mind has been in the clouds lately, focus on being open about your feeling with your partner. You can count on your loved ones to be there for you when needed, it's up to you to trust. You have a lot of seniority at work, but don't take it for granted, you are still expected to perform the duties assigned to you. Pay special attention to your mental health this month, don't overdo it.



You are being loved and admired by everyone around you, your drive and affection for others are contagious and you are finally being recognized as a leader in your industry. If you are in a relationship, your partner has been making an extra effort to communicate better, make sure they acknowledge this by showing your gratitude. New challenges in your career may seem like you are constantly being challenged, when in fact, you are being challenged because you are capable of much more.



This month, you can expect domestic changes to happen fast. There's a move coming your way and if you are in a relationship it's going to be a big step towards a big commitment. You'll be in the spotlight in your career and others will be thanking you for your hard work. Your family is telling you to get out of the house more and you should listen to this advice, you need to get more involved in your community if you want the spotlight you are receiving in your career to follow you outside of your career.


The planetary patterns in the sky will bring you new luscious glory this month. Growth is a theme for you this month. Both in your relationships and career, you have opportunities to reach new heights and achieve goals that seemed unattainable in the past. If in a relationship, pay attention to your partner as he/she may be feeling a little lost this month.



This month, you have more drive than you realize to turn your goals into something attainable. You'll feel the generosity of your friends this month, more than ever. Accept their generosity. You have the determination to crush your goals and reach new financial gains. All of this confidence will translate into your relationship with your partner, try to maintain this path throughout the summer to avoid unnecessary arguments.



Real estate is a theme this month and a close relative will surprise you with a financial gain. This could mean both a financial gain for you or your relative. You'll be faced with a situation where you are defending a friend, your protective side will show and you will earn the respect of someone new in your circle. If you are in a relationship, your partner is likely planning a surprise trip, prepare yourself for the announcement.



You'll be talking about your finances a lot this month. You've been wanting to make a lot of changed and things are looking brighter with your finances. Someone at work is challenging you, don't get defensive, hear them out and explore how you can resolve this possible conflict. Your friends are extra concerned about the lack of time you are spending with them, try to stick to your commitments.



There may be some stress at home this month, remember to stand up for yourself and put yourself first. With that being said, self-care is a theme for you this month, you'll make better efforts to take care of your self on a regular basis. In other news, things are going amazing at work and your friends are feeling so inspired by you. Continue doing the fulfilling work that you are doing. You'll notice many friends wanting to make plans this month, it's a great opportunity to connect since you've been so busy.



There is a lot of luck on your side this month when it comes to your career and finances. The income sector is seeing a lot of growth this month. If there ever was a day to ask your boss for a raise, this is it! You might not even have to ask -- he or she may just surprise you and tell you that they can't live without you and give you more money. Sweet! A doctor's appointment may reveal some positive news, don't be stressed about this upcoming appointment trust that you are doing everything that you can to take care of your health. Someone close to you, perhaps a lover is making an extra effort this month, a proposal may be near.