Your June Horoscope


You may be surprised by some new romance this month; this should come as no surprise because you've been putting yourself out there and are being noticed. If you are in the creative industry this month you'll be on fire. You are full of ideas, and your creativity is inspiring others. You'll be tempted to join a new fitness activity and follow your gut, allow yourself to be challenged, and explore new activities.



Around the 17th of the month, you will start to see some movement in your love life. Remember to put in equal efforts if you also want to be appreciated. Your career is getting a fresh start, new beginning or a makeover, be on the lookout for a unique opportunity that will present itself.



Your love life is getting a lot of attention this month and for a good reason! Leo! If you're single, there should be some progress towards the middle of the month. Try your best to put yourself out there and attend various events, by taking action; you'll get results. Your health is a point of concern, and you should keep an eye on your heart health this month.



It's possible that you aren't feeling the support at home when it comes to your career. Maybe the people you live with aren't happy about the fact that you're prioritizing your career over domestic obligations. Expect a standoff this month and remember that honesty is the best policy. You are really frustrated by the lack of support at home, but this doesn't mean that your friends don't have your best interest at heart.



Love and travel are your themes this month. You have some unexpected adventures coming your way, and some news that you've been waiting for will manifest itself towards the middle of the month. There is some trouble in paradise with a friend, and you don't need to own this argument, stand your ground, and trust your gut. Your partner has a surprise planned for you, and you'll be blown away by his/her kindness.



There is some baby news coming your way; this could be you or someone in your close circle. A trip overseas is going to put in question where you want to lay down the foundation and settle down with your partner. You are in good health, but this is not without trouble in paradise, be on the lookout for your blood pressure. Your partner will likely face a hard decision at work.


This month it's time to challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone to meet someone special. You may find yourself confused about who is best partner for you, and your heart knows the right answer. Your hard work has been paying off in the health department, you are healthier than ever, and the world is your oyster.



This month, you are experiencing a lot of mental stress. Don't give up so easily and know that it's ok to put yourself first. You may want to look at some meditation or other mind activities. Your partner is being supportive all-around and is recognizing how hard you've been working. A past conflict with a family member may resurface and now is the time to remind that individuals to move forward vs. bringing up things from the part.



New career heights are possible this month, Seize the moment because so many opportunities are coming your way. Love is love and love takes work, put in the work this month and you may find that effortless love sooner than you think. You've been dealing with some health concerns but rest assured that everything should be aligned for you.



You have manifested a sum of money that is coming your way. You might also be getting a bonus cheque from work. This is perfect timing to start investing in an opportunity that will allow you to gain additional income. When it comes to your love life, your partner is being extra affectionate this month and is hyper-focused on his health.



There are some signs of trouble at work and nothing that can't be resolved if you stay focused on meeting all of your deadlines. Your family is concerned about your lack of communication as of late, and you should make some extra efforts to keep in touch. Things take a turn mid-month, and a surprise from friends and loved ones is to be expected. Your career is blooming with a job offer is coming your way.



There is a move in the air this month either with a partner or a new roommate. The change of scenery will fuel your soul and inspire your creativity. Take some time to practice self-care you've been working past your limits this month, and it's time to put yourself first.