Your August Horoscope


Get ready to have the best month when it comes to love, romance, and happiness, Aries! With a lot of work lined up in the second half of the month, you’ll be entering a time of productivity and success.



Changes are on the cards at the home front – home renovations, family health goals, or other projects. Pay attention to your finances if you are refurbishing. The focus then shifts to happiness in your romantic relationship.



Extraordinary planetary confluences bring love, romance, and plenty of attention your way this month. The last week is likely to bring surprising financial gains and career advancement.



A healthy social life and work successes are on the cards this month. Mid-month brings joy in the romantic areas of your life. Take some personal time towards the end of the month to avoid burnout.



All the growth and success that have been delayed will make their way to you by mid-August and will last through December. This time of change will also positively impact your love life. Allow yourself to open up to the possibilities of finding love.



August brings many opportunities to become aware of and enjoy the true depth of romantic relationships in your life. The month’s second half might find your focus shifting to family wealth matters.


Characterized by domestic bliss and financial gains, this month is likely to bring a lot of good things your way. After the 18th of August, cosmically-driven love is in the air, Taurus.



Your creative pursuits are likely to drive your income to new zeniths this month. You might also clear a debt or loan. It is a good month to try something non-traditional in the bedroom.



You’ll be buried under work and commitments in the first half of the month. Once you achieve success, turn towards living life to the fullest. Indulge your appetite for the good things in life – you deserve it.



You are likely to enjoy plenty of luck, financial bonuses, and special awards at work. The family sector will be surprising but happy with surprises from relatives, and peaceful close relationships.



You are likely to receive financial help from unexpected sources. This is time to use your talents to add to your income. The second half of the month brings a period of acceptance and calm to your love life.



You’ll be happy at work this month, either due to professional achievements or a romantic relationship with a work colleague. Partnership-based work projects have a high chance of spectacular success.