Copy of Your September Horoscope


A month for partnership and collaboration, September brings professional growth as well as the opportunity to find new love for you.



While it isn’t a good month on the work front as progress, if any, will be slow, romantic advancements are indicated for those who are single.



Not a good month for finances, Leo. Expect to spend much and earn little. However, your love life is likely to blossom towards the end of the month.



Indulge the introvert in you during the first half of the month, Libra, as the second half indicates a bright social life. You might be faced with an unhappy situation pertaining to health, work, or love life, requiring you to practice letting go.



As you thrive professionally, ensure that you do not end up ignoring an important situation at home. Mid-month may deal you a painful emotional blow.



Don’t lose faith about a major money problem, as help is one its way after September 19th. A new relationship with an intellectual equal is on the cards.


Complex planetary positions indicate the chance of losing a friend around mid-month either to betrayal or addiction. The end of the month might see an office romance brewing.



The first half of the month is likely to leave you in a slow mental fugue state. The second half indicates domestic bliss and committed partnerships on the love front.



You are likely to be disappointed with what you find out about your special someone. Finances are your strong suit this month, so expect opportunities to supplement your income.



Disillusioned with a loved one, you are likely to hand them an ultimatum this month. Turn your gaze inwards when you are looking for happiness, Scorpio, the answer lies within you.



While your professional goals are set to peak in October, the groundwork will be laid in the second half of this month, Capricorn, so jump at the opportunities that come your way. Romantically, this is likely to be a quiet month.



Focus on your relationships, Pisces. Don’t run away from the truth. The second half of the month is likely to bring a windfall of money or opportunities to increase your income.