Your October Horoscope


Focus on sorting out problems with your partner as this will make your relationship stronger. Your finances are likely to see-saw this month, mitigate the damage as much as you can. Your friends are feeling inspired by you, welcome the praise as it comes.



Major changes in your work life or health are on the cards. These are necessary for your happiness, and the universe will guide you with a firm hand. Enjoy the influx of passion in your love life; your partner is in awe of you and is working hard to be better for you.



Use your rhetorical skills to take a stand, but be careful of coming across as intimidating. Your romantic life might be rocky as your partner reacts to a lack of quality time with you – be open to compromise and discussion.



Your love life could go either way, Libra. You might sort out longstanding issues or decide to part ways. Money will be 'easy come, easy go' this month be mindful of your expenses and don't spend what you don't have to spend.



This is a month of decisions and indecision, Sagittarius. Be confident about making much-needed changes in your career and love life. Try not to overthink – you're heading in the right direction.



Your love life is on the back-burner as you make the most of professional opportunities this month. There is a bit of family drama on the cards, too.


Group projects are going to be frustrating so focus on getting along with others; remember that teamwork makes the dream work. Your love life is likely to see a sudden change, but this could be a positive change.



Professional success is on the cards, so be ready for a promotion or award, or some much-deserved recognition. Your romantic life is going to be full of happy surprises this month. Pay close attention to your health; make sure that you are listening to your body.



This month is going to bring you relief as you clear major debts with ease. You might be inclined to being secretive about something to the detriment of your relationships.



You're feeling beautiful and confident this month. A fast-paced love affair or an equally quick breakup is on the cards. Mercury retrograde is likely to make you feel indecisive at the end of the month.



Enjoy your happening social life this month! There are going to be many opportunities to go out with friends and have fun. Professionally, you are entering a time of great luck and success. All of the stars are aligning for you.



Though money troubles are a strong possibility this month, remember that this is temporary. You might have disagreements with your special someone over philosophical or spiritual standpoints.