Your October Horoscope


With the benefic Jupiter joined by Sun and later on by Mercury in your house of partnerships Libra, a significant part of your interest now goes into strengthening relationships. In the personal realm, you lavish affection on your SO and want some of it in return too. However things are going to be a little subdued as of now as Venus continues to be an unfavorable position. Meanwhile your ambitious side shows fully in the realm of work. Altogether the month will bring some stress-related concerns, so take aside time for relaxation and self-care. Light some candles and go for a salt bath to soothe your nerves.


You are in top form in terms of energy and charm. Your ruling planet Mercury joins Sun and lucky Jupiter in a house that brings many blessings. On the one hand you are handed liberal doses of romance and sensuousness, while on the other your mind is sharp and alert. You may even meet the love of your life in this month. Many opportunities to showcase your talents come to you at this time. With all the vigorous activity come the risk of accidents and costly mistakes. Set aside some time for meditation or at least introspection.


Your ruler Sun is with lucky Jupiter through the month, joined for a while by Mercury. Your personal charm and luck are accentuated by this combination. Communications, specially the written word, bring you recognition and even fans of the opposite sex. That reminds us that Venus is in your house of romance, though the sober Saturn there slows down the action. Responsibilities increase and some stress and tension at workplace are foretold. Visit a place of worship or spiritual practice around the full moon of mid-month.


Sun and Jupiter in your sign bring you plenty of good luck, authority and recognition. Although you have to cope with some behind-the-scenes activity by rivals, you will manage to assert your superiority and credentials. Tense influences prevail over relationships and home. Mercury and Venus make you alert and pragmatic in October. This casts a shadow on your otherwise romantic nature, but also helps you resolve the discordant situations. Make some time around the full moon of October 16 for rest and contemplation- this could restore your inherent sense of balance.


Saturn is visiting your sign for a long stay, so you had better be prepared for a period of hard work and a generally somber atmosphere. However, October has some bright spots as your efforts do not go unnoticed. Promotions and recognition come your way in generous doses. Your ruler Jupiter and Mercury the lord of your couple house come together, indicating harmony in relationships. However, the pair faces some unfavorable circumstances caused by Mars, Pluto and Uranus, so not everything goes the way you plan together. Watch over your health and take up some creative pursuit to escape stress.


Lady Luck favors you throughout October through the favorable aspect Jupiter makes on your ruler Saturn. Academic activity, travel and overseas connections go very well. Some of you may go on an overseas trip with your SO, while the unattached may meet someone interesting during a trip or at a cultural event. Mars and Pluto are in an unfavorable position, making you restless and prone to addictions and accidents, so this is one side you need to be careful about. Practice meditation to restore alertness and balance.


Health issues crop their head, and you may need to adopt some long term treatment courses. Venus in passionate Scorpio brings intense encounters. There is a lot of activity in your house of work due to the influence of Jupiter, Sun and Mercury. Your prestige and position receive a boost in the second half of the month. You may be tempted to make speculative investments and a word of caution is due here. Take special care of your personal habits and diet; avoid overindulgence at all costs.


There is both passion and conflict in your world right now. While Venus is in the house of romance, the aggressive Mars is in your house of relationships. Intense exchanges, obsession, mood swings, all are on the cards. With all the demands this makes on you, the best you can do on the career front is manage not to miss the deadlines. That said long term real estate investments may work out for you. The full moon in the middle of the month may brighten up your awareness levels.


Success, and with it material rewards, come to you in plenty, as your ruler Mercury strikes a conversation with the powerful Sun and the generous Jupiter in your house of money. This is a fairly good month in terms of physical health. However your ruler is in a discordant angle with Mars and Pluto for a good part of October, so stress is inevitable. These intense planets in your house of love and sensuousness also stir up passions and desires. Consider bringing yoga or some alternative wellness practice into your routine.


Venus in your sign till 18 October brings many happy moments in your relationships. Your attractiveness is at its peak, and you get many compliments. Career matters go well, and you are ambitious and determined. You receive support in your efforts to make profits. Stress, resulting from the buildup of planetary energy in your twelfth house, is a major pitfall of October. Go for a slow, easy walk as often as you can.


Mars and Pluto in your sign make you a powerhouse of determination, drive and ambition. You have lots of energy and achieve everything you set your mind on. The same combination casts its spells in your love life too. Even if you were an otherwise reserved type, chances are you will surprise yourself with the moves you make. Caution is necessary here, as the excesses committed in this period may land you in trouble later when planets are not this favorable. Mars makes you irritable, so beware of temper flare ups. Take up fasting or a preferred spiritual practice on Saturdays to ward of the adverse effects of Saturn.


Your ruler Jupiter is placed in the eighth house, along with Sun and Mercury too for a good part of October. While this is good for all things intellectual and spiritual, your health and vitality take a hit. You must be extremely careful to avoid accidents and illnesses. Your love life takes an interesting twist with the two of you making forays into spiritual and esoteric studies together. You may travel or make connections with someone from afar. Inheritances, loans and the stock market are part of your activity sphere in this month. Eat organic, wholesome foods and get plenty of rest.